Plaquemine, Louisiana

Waskey began work for this project in the late fall of 2010. The project required an access roadway for plant personnel to monitor the raw water intake system and all the necessary piping that rested on the capsills from the Mississippi River levee to the river itself. The original design for the project required over 1,200 lineal feet of steel girders to act as support for the precast panels. Waskey proposed a cost- and time-saving measure worth several hundred thousand dollars. By strengthening the precast panels’ reinforcing steel, the panels would not require steel girders to span from capsill to capsill. The capsill risers were also raised to maintain the required roadway elevation. Construction was completed by Waskey at the S. Choctaw Plant on time and with the highest standards due to Waskey’s experienced quality control personnel. The panels and capsills were delivered to the project site ready with all materials and necessities for immediate installation.


Project Location: Plaquemine, Louisiana

General Contractor: Stewart Construction

Scope of Work: Raw Water Intake Access Roadway

646’-5” Lineal Feet of precast panels were used to span from the levee to the river

33 Panels each measured

  • (32) – 20’L x 9’-4”W x 10”TH
  •  (1) – 9’-4”L x 6’-5¼”W x 10”TH

29 Precast Capsills each measuring

  • (27) – 2’-6”W x 2’-6”H x 22’L
  • (2) – 2’-6”W x 1’-6”/2’-6”H x 36’L


  • Each Panel: 26,000 lbs.
    • 6.4 CY of 5000 PSI Concrete
    • 2,150 LBs. of Reinforcing Steel
  • Each 22’ Capsill: 24,000 lbs.
    • 5.75 CY of 5000 PSI Concrete
    • 1,300 LBs. of Reinforcing Steel
  • Each 36’ Capsill: 32,000 lbs.
    • 13.6 CY of 5000 PSI Concrete
    • 1,750 LBs of Reinforcing Steel
  • 1,283 Lineal Feet of W-Beam Guardrail
  • 130 – 1’-0” x 1’-0” x ¾” Panel Embed Plates
  • 60 – 2’-4” x 2’-4” x ¾” Capsill Embed Plates
  • 529 lineal feet of 3” x 3” x 3/8” Embedded “L” Angle
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