Waskey provided four 32’ wide x 190’ ramps for a new prison in southeast Plaquemines Parish, LA. Waskey worked on this project serving its customer’s four unique prison ramps, which included working with several different scopes and other service providers. Each ramp was made of match-cast, 10”-thick panels and precast barrier rail designed and provided by Waskey. The scope of the ramps was complex in nature due to the cast-in-place cap bents being under one subcontractors scope, the installation being under another subcontractor, and the last ramp bridging between a cast in place beam and a prestressed modular superstructure that housed the prison itself. Communication and detailed installation guidelines were necessary between all parties on this job as ramps were erected based off of several other subcontractors and their independent running schedules. Waskey delivered all 94 of its loads to the contractor on time and within budget.

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