Waskeu provided three different scopes for this project, which completed a new loading dock for NuStar Energy in Corpus Christi, TX. The first scope of work was the loading platform, which was comprised of a prestressed-pile-supported structure that Waskey provided including capsills, struts, and panels. The caps, which all weighed in from 66,000 lbs. – 69,000 lbs. were grouted in to the piles. Next, the struts were “hung” and connected via mechanical rebar couplers to exposed rebar from Waskey’s caps and then spliced in the field. Lastly, the panels were installed onto the caps and struts, and a topping slab was placed over the panels prior to the rest of the structure being erected on top. The breasting dolphins were the second phase of work and consisted of two whole precast assemblies each made of a precast base and precast wall. The bases were installed on temporary supports and piling while prestressed piles were driven through penetrations cast into the base. After all the piles were driven, Waskey’s precast 7’, 55,000 lb, wall was set on the base and then completed with concrete fill. The last phase of work was the approach bridge connecting the road from landside approach to the loading platform over the water. This single lane bridge was designed and rated for HS-20 44 traffic. A galvanized fabricated metal guardrail and handrail was also supplied by Waskey. All portions of the project were completed on time on budget all while coordinating oversize and heavy haul deliveries from Waskey’s Baton Rouge fabrication plant to the jobsite in Corpus Christi, TX.

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