Southeast Louisiana

Waskey was approached by a large oil refinery client in the beginning of 2010 for a solution to problems with their surge sump runoff water vaults in service at their refinery in southeastern Louisiana. Steel vessels were installed initially, but due to the harsh environment, they corroded rapidly. The vessels were constructed at Waskey’s North Flannery Plant and designed to handle all of the storm water for the entire refinery. Construction was completed on time and with the highest standards of the client’s inspectors and Waskey’s quality control personnel. The vessels were delivered to the refinery ready with all materials, tools and necessities for immediate installation.

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Project Location: Southeast Louisiana

Date of Completion: November, 2010

Scope of Work: Custom Sump

3 Vessels in series to handle a surge of Industrial Plant Storm Water Runoff

Each vessel, when assembled measured

  • 20’L x 9’-8”W x 22’H

Each composed of:

  •  (1) Base – 20’-0” x 9’-8” x 5’-10”
  •  (1) Mid Riser – 20’-0” x 9’-8” x 9’-0”
  •  (1) Top Riser – 20’-0” x 9’-8” x 6’-3”
  •  (1) Lid 20’-0” x 9’-8” x 1’-0”


  • Each Vessel: 104 Tons
    • 48 CY of 4000 PSI Concrete
    • 12,000 Lbs. of Reinforcing Steel
  • 4 Rebar Voids for Field Cored drilled Holes ranging from 46” – 12”
  • 48 pipe sleeve Penetrations cast into walls and lids
  • Designed for peak flow of 30,000 Gallons Per Minute
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