Waskey was approached to help design and build two new bridges for the Entergy Evergreen Substation located in Plaquemine, LA. At that time, the two existing timber bridges from the 1960’s had reached the end of their service and desperately needed to be replaced. The bridges, both at separate points, stretched over a bayou at opposite 45-degree crossings. The bridge required special designing due to both the crossing and new equipment that was to be brought into the existing substation and would require the bridge to support over 500,000 lb loads being distributed over 14 axles. Waskey began work on these bridges in the fall of 2010. After fully installing the first bridge and nearly completing the second, parish engineers discovered the middle bents piling needed to be removed as to not block the flow of the water. This required the contractor, Cajun Deep Foundations, and Waskey to span 40’ with new capsills that would support steel girder beams and encompass the increased piles due to the new design. Waskey’s precast deck panels then sat on top of these steel girders and were secured via weld plates. This project won ABC Pelican Chapter’s Award of Excellence in the heavy infrastructure category for 2011.

Project Information

Project Location: Plaquemine, Louisiana

General Contractor: Cajun Deep Foundations

Date of Completion: January, 2011

Scope of Work: Bridges

2 Bridges Each Consisting of:

  • 6 – 20’ Spans x 28’ Clr. Roadway, 45° Skew
  • 6 – 2’-0” x 2’-4” Capsills

Each bridge was comprised of the following:

  • 6 – 20’ Spans x 28’ Clr. x 14” Crown, 45° Crossing, (30’-0” O.T.O.)
  • 2 – 2’-0” x 2’-4” x 45’-6” Intermediate Capsills, (6 – 14” Sq. Piling)
  • 2 – 2’-0” x 2’-5½” x 47’-0” Intermediate Capsills, (11 – 14” Sq. Piling)
  • Complete with 22 Weld Plates for attachment to I-Beams
  • 2 – 2’-0” x 2’-4” x 50’-6” End Bent Capsills, (6 – 14” Sq. Piling)
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