Winner of the American Concrete Institute Louisiana Chapter Best Concrete Projects Award of Merit, the Johnson’s Bayou Measurement Facility’s regasification terminal is part of Cheniere Energy’s Creole Trail Pipeline. The terminal uses massive heater equipment to reheat liquefied natural gas, returning it to gas for transportation via pipeline to the southeastern U.S. Supporting the equipment are two side-by-side Waskey Platforms that work in tandem: the 150’ x 150’ SW Lateral Platform and the 100’ x 100’ Bridgeline Platform. The terminal is in a saltwater environment, near the coast in Cameron Parish, LA. The concrete Waskey platforms on concrete piles provide Cheniere Energy with a durable, corrosion-resistant solution that is virtually maintenance-free. Both platforms survived a 16’ storm surge from Hurricane Ike, undamaged, in September 2008.

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  • A demanding schedule was met at half the cost of steel options.
  • 175 tractor trailer loads of WASKEY panels and caps were required.
  • The WASKEY panels provided 32,500 square feet of decking. Cast into the panels were:
    • 33 voids for thru-deck equipment access.
    • 37 concrete pedestals and pipe supports to elevate above-deck equipment and piping.
    • 187 embedded weld plates and bolt clusters to allow equipment and antenna mounting.
    • Hundreds of embedded anchor bolts and fittings for handrail mounting.
    • Thousands of embedded drains and inserts for both drain line hangers and cable trays.

WASKEY Surge Ready™ panel-to-cap and Pile Nail™ cap-to-pile anchoring systems were employed to resist wave uplift forces.

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