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WASKEY Standard Concrete Pull Boxes

WASKEY produces a range of pull boxes—including traffic (H-20), electrical and communication, hand holes, and traffic light control box pedestals. We offer multiple racking choices, various inserts, terminators, unistrut and specialty conduit penetration configurations, and custom covers. WASKEY can also custom design any structure to fit your exact needs.

WASKEY provides unparalleled customer service throughout the entire project.

Standard Concrete Drainage Inlets

WASKEY produces a range of precast concrete catch basins including oil/water separators. An alternative to poured-in-place or bricked structures, WASKEY precast concrete catch basins help increase your project’s quality, economy and efficiency.

1X2X1 Pull Box
2X2X30 Pull Box
2X3X3 Pull Box
3X3X3 Pull Box
4X4X4 Pull Box

Underground Vault Applications

  • Pull Boxes
  • Traffic H-20 boxes
  • Electrical and Communication
  • Hand Holes
  • Traffic Light control boxes
  • Catch basins