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WASKEY industrial platforms protect buildings and equipment from floodwater and storm surge, contain spills and support heavy equipment in areas with poor soils or those over water. Each platform is custom-designed to meet the application’s unique spatial, loading and flood or hurricane protection requirements. Customers love the flexibility of designing a solution unique to their needs down to custom placing of embedded objects.

WASKEY pioneered the use of precast concrete platforms in the oil and gas industry in the 1950s. Quickly, WASKEY platforms became the standard of excellence. WASKEY’s reputation for value, speed of construction and design innovation attracted energy customers throughout the Gulf South. Today, custom-designed WASKEY industrial platforms are also used in public works, commercial and manufacturing applications.

WASKEY’S platforms have been used in a wide array of applications. Whether they are supporting an LNG operation or a welcome center, the WASKEY platform provides a safe mount for any asset needing protection from Mother Nature.

Platform Applications

  • Gas & Oil Production Platforms
  • Generator & Fuel Platforms
  • Storage Tank Platforms
  • Process Equipment Platforms
  • Transportation Platforms
  • Communications Platforms
  • Elevated Buildings
  • Heliports
  • Pump Stations
  • Power Utility Platforms
  • Loading Platforms