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Fabricated for state transportation departments, local governments and private industry, WASKEY Barriers are the standard bearer for security and protection needs. Versatile enough to meet a wide array of needs, WASKEY Barriers also offer economic advantages that other security barriers cannot equal.

Just a few examples of the benefits of using precast concrete barriers include:

  • Over time, it does not deteriorate from exposure to UV light or harsh environments, unlike other materials such as metal or plastic barriers.
  • Reinforced precast concrete is a solid structure.
  • It provides twice the life of higher-costing steel barriers.
  • These barriers require little to no maintenance.
  • Damaged barriers require little to no cleanup and fast and easy replacement.

WASKEY “F Shape” Barriers are department of transportation’s standard barriers required for any project.  Barriers are available with connecting pins to form continual median protection for construction workers.

WASKEY Bolt-on Barriers are connected to WASKEY Bridge spans and are a standard for department of transportation bridges.

L-Wall Panels and Security Barriers can be used to prevent and/or restrict public access for governmental buildings, utility facilities, airports, industrial plants and even movie filming.

Barrier Applications

  • Highway Median Barriers “F-Shape”
  • WASKEY Bolt-on Barriers
  • Parking Lot
  • Access Security
  • Film Industry
  • Bridge Construction
  • Parking Logs