The Waskey Story

Spanning the Gulf Coast, Since 1955

In 1955, two Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development engineers, Roy Wasson and W.O. Pankey, combined parts of their last names to create WASKEY. The two men invented the basic design for WASKEY bridges, platforms, decks and the apparatus for manufacturing them, receiving U.S. Patent 2,921,354. Durability, speed of construction and low cost drew the attention of road and bridge contractors from of the oil and gas industry, which needed reliable access to remote operations. Quickly, WASKEY bridges became the benchmark for medium-span bridges.


Immediately it became apparent that WASKEY concrete bridge technology was perfect for building corrosion-resistant decks on pile-supported production and storage platforms used by the oil and gas industry. Within a span of a few years, these WASKEY-built platforms dotted the Gulf Coast, inshore and offshore. Production platforms led to pump stations, generator stations, docks and wharfs, heliports and compressor stations; and soon, when clients and engineers referred to any pile-supported concrete deck, they called it a “WASKEY Platform.”

As contractors began to rely more on Waskey products to help them meet their deadlines, Waskey responded, expanding its product line to include accessories, such as DOTD barrier railings and pedestrian guard rails. Next, Waskey added high performance grouts, expansion joint materials, and sealants. Today, contractors are able to order a Waskey Bridge or a Waskey Platform “in-a-box.”


The oil and gas industry knew that Waskey’s manufacturing process created economical, match-cast, sealable panels. As cost savings, flood protection and spill containment became a necessity for land-based industries, engineers customized versatile Waskey Platforms to meet the needs of the chemical and petrochemical industries. In addition to platforms, Waskey grew to manufacture beams and columns, pipe sleepers and supports, sumps and vaults, blast walls and other industrial products.

Today, Waskey’s ability to fabricate concrete products that meet the most demanding specifications allows engineers to design custom concrete products that, when Waskey was founded, were never conceived of being made with concrete.  Waskey’s team of experienced Project Managers continues to push the boundaries of precast concrete.