WASKEY is widely considered the leader in precast products for the Gulf Coast region. Due to the company’s diversity, WASKEY is able to service multiple markets including, but not limited to: Oil & Gas Production, Energy & Chemicals, Government (Federal & Municipal), Water Quality/Control, Marine, Industrial and Manufacturing. Additionally, our geographic reach includes a significant portion of the southeast and enables us to service clients with multiple and/or regional facilities in this region.

Industrial & Oil Production

WASKEY has always provided premier precast products for it’s industrial and oil production clients. Since its inception, WASKEY has been precasting oil production platforms later expanding to helipads, custom sumps, walkways connecting platforms, pipe supports, and other custom work.

Common fields of service include:

  • Oil and Gas Production and Exploration
  • Refineries
  • Industrial and Chemical Plants
  • Mining Operations
  • Aggregate Suppliers
  • Timber Operations
  • Energy Companies
  • Telecommunications Companies

Private Sector Clients

In addition to providing premiere precast concrete products to the industrial sector and municipalities, WASKEY also serves private clients as well. Whether for developers looking for neighborhood bridges or aesthetically appealing security barriers for sports arenas, WASKEY is a trusted resource for private clients. WASKEY also readily stocks a wide array of construction products available for purchase straight from our office.

Areas of service for private sector:

  • Bridges for Developers
  • Platforms for Elevated Buildings
  • Access Bridges for Rural Properties
  • Construction Products
  • Concrete Barrier and Fencing Products
  • Custom Products for Private Individuals


Since 1955 WASKEY has been providing municipalities precast bridges. Today, WASKEY provides its original, premiere precast concrete products to city, parish, state, and federal governmental agencies along with new ones specifically designed for this industry. WASKEY’s precast bridge design is the Louisiana DOTD’s state certified precast bridge.

Some other areas of service include:

  • Platforms for Tourist Centers and Elevated Buildings
  • Platforms for Generators and Pump Stations
  • Access Bridges
  • Sumps and Precast Vaults for WWTP
  • Concrete Barriers for Highway Medians
  • Custom Precast Products
  • Other Concrete Barrier, Fencing and Parking Products

General Contractors

WASKEY has always worked with general contractors to provide any precast products for their jobs. Working across so many industries for so long has led to strong relationships with our general contractors that now swear by the WASKEY name. One of the benefits clients appreciate about a WASKEY job is that each comes with the products, pieces and guidance to ensure proper installation. From the planning phases all the way through installation and maintenance, WASKEY goes the extra mile for general contractors.