Our Approach

Beginning as an innovator in bridge construction, WASKEY has established itself as a leader in precast concrete through constant innovation, consistent quality, unwavering customer service and attention to detail in the face of difficult deadlines.  At the core of every successful WASKEY project is its team of skilled, dedicated employees. WASKEY utilizes its talented experienced staff to provide enhance solutions in both the planning and execution phases of each project across all industries.

So what are just a few “concrete” examples of why our clients demand WASKEY?

Cost Savings By converting pour-in-place projects to precast, our customers save time while improving quality.
Collaboration We have routinely proven our ability to work with clients to convert complex plans into simple viable precast concrete solutions.
Turn Key From planning to installation, we provide reliable, time-tested assistance throughout the entire construction process.
Attention to Detail Our attention to detail has no bounds. Even on a project with over 200 embedded items (weldplates, voids, threaded inserts, anchor bolts, etc.) we strive to make sure that every piece is perfectly placed.
Satisfaction WASKEY strives for 100% customer satisfaction. If problems arise, WASKEY works tirelessly to correct the issue. Addressing all the issues of each project by collaborating with all parties swiftly and through due diligence results in our precast products working in line with our clients’ needs rather than not leaving our clients to try and make a product fit their needs.